Season 01 / Episode 001

Adam Weiss – Weiss Digital Consulting

With Adam Weiss - Founder, Weiss Digital Consulting

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Today I talk with Adam Weiss of Weiss Digital Consulting. Adam and I have known each other for about 15 years from his time at LinkShare (now Rakuten) and my time with Coldwater Creek. Adam has had a pretty incredible career in the affiliate space and loves working on the publisher side. We talk about Covid-19 and leadership through tumultuous times as well as running profitable programs and why many still look at the affiliate space with skepticism.

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About Our Guest


Adam Weiss


20+ years of successful leadership experience in various forms of online marketing & advertising with a focus on Affiliate & Performance Marketing strategy. Owned the P&L and achieved ongoing YOY growth for the #1 Affiliate Marketing network in the world on a consistent basis. Focus on Client Services, Business & Publisher Development, Partnerships, Product Strategy, and Relationship Management.



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