Season 01 / Episode 005

Corey Michael van der Laan – Quit my job and traveled the world

With Corey Michael van der Laan - Travel Vlogger and Affiliate, Corey van der Laan

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This is the first episode in our travel series. With so much up in the air with COVID-19 and travel being hit so acutely and globally, I wanted to interview experts on all sides of the affiliate equation in this industry segment.

Cory is a vlogger and an affiliate of one of our travel clients, And boy is his story amazing. Every time I get the opportunity to travel all I can think of is quitting my job and traveling the world. How many of us have though that?

Well, Corey has done it. A 400 day trip around the world on one Contiki trip after another. Unfortunately, COVID-19 cut it short at day 304.

Corey and I talk about his journey from employee to affiliate and all of his travels. We also dive into what he needs from an advertiser to be successful, and what he is doing now to continue to grow his audience and that of his advertisers while travel is challenging at best.

His videos are amazing, very well edited, and will 100% guaranteed make you want to take a Contiki trip and get you seriously thinking about arranging your life to go travel for year!

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Corey Michael van der Laan




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