Season 01 / Episode 013

Cormac Jonas – Driving Profitable Customer Acquisition

With Cormac Jonas - Partnership Marketing Leader

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Cormac Jonas has come from civil engineering all the way through affiliate marketing to land as the Head of Partnerships at Partnerize, and although Cormac and I have only known each other a short time, you can tell we clicked right away.

If you are an advertiser who:

  • Doesn’t think your affiliates really do much for you
  • Are looking for innovation from your affiliate program
  • Have said “my affiliates really don’t do much to drive the sale”
  • Or you are wondering where innovation comes from

You definitely want to listen to this podcast. Cormac and I discuss his career path, his vital career decisions, how important landing at RetailMeNot was and how innovative they were while he launched their Travel section. So, we definitely talk about travel, so consider this another episode in our travel series.  We dive into some of the most unique and innovative technologies and tactics that he was part of while at RetailMeNot. And yes, I said RetailMeNot. If you are thinking they don’t do much to generate the sale, this may change your mind. In fact, if you think you have a problem with your affiliates generating incremental revenue, you may really have a problem with your relationships. So we talk about some real innovative ways affiliates are building audiences and reaching them.

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Cormac Jonas



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