Season 01 / Episode 035

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – A discussion with Michele Shelton CDP, CPC

With Michele Shelton - CEO, Shelton Holdings LLC

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The last several years have brought a lot of things to the forefront of society in the present day. Racial justice, equity, and inclusion are now things we talk about with increasing frequency. Here at the Profitable Performance Marketing podcast we get to cover issues that are important to us and that relate to the digital marketing space. Today we get to do that and so much more.

My guest today is Michele Shelton. Michele is the CEO and principal consultant of Shelton Holdings LLC. You can find her and everything about her agency at For more than 20 years, Michele has held leadership roles providing oversight to equal opportunity and diversity efforts as a city and state government official, corporate executive, and nonprofit program manager of workforce development initiatives launched and funded by the U.S. Department of Labor and National Urban League. She is a member of the National Speakers Association, Society for Human Resource Management, National Association for Female Executives, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels, and Leadership Louisville. Michele has been featured in Who’s Who Publications, The Louisville Defender, Courier-Journal, Today’s Woman magazine, as well as on podcasts, radio and television. In 2020 Michele received recognition as a Top 100 Diversity Trailblazer for her work, and she continues to make an impact serving on boards that advance equal opportunity and equity in education, employment, and entrepreneurship.

I met Michele through a coaching group that I’m currently a member of and have been for several years. Michele focuses on helping organizations construct and execute diversity equity and inclusion programs. It’s not something that’s discussed a lot within our industry and I’d like to change that. Race, equality, and inclusion definitely have a role in our discussion around all things digital marketing. So today Michele and I dive right into what DEI is, why it’s important, and what we can do about it. I am so excited to count her as a friend, mentor, and colleague and I think you’re going to learn a ton from today’s episode.

JEBCommerce created its DEI statement earlier this year and is working to make the organization a safe place for all people. Michele has been an important resource to help us get there. We’re not done yet but we’re making strides that I hope you begin to make as well. If you’d like to get a hold of Michele you can go to her website, and follow her on LinkedIn.

About Our Guest


Michele Shelton


Michele L. Shelton, CDP, CPC, is founding CEO and Principal Consultant of Michele Shelton LLC, a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) management consulting firm based in Louisville, KY. As an international speaker, author, executive coach, and thought leader on DEI, specializing in race and gender relations, Michele guides courageous organizational leaders beyond barriers that impede DEI success. She is respected for empowering organizational leaders to confront and conquer the “-ism’s” that threaten both our humanity and the bottom line at work and beyond.



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