Season 02 / Episode 008

Don’t Remove Dormant Affiliates From Your Program

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Thinking of removing all the affiliates that aren’t producing clicks or sales in your affiliate program? DON’T! Jamie Birch, CEO and Founder of JEBCommerce, gives us a little rant on why this is a bad idea and may hurt the growth of your affiliate program.

  • Removing affiliates that aren’t meeting your definition of active:
  • Isn’t necessary
  • Saves nothing
  • Reduces potential for future sales from partners you don’t even know yet
  • Shows a lack of understanding of the channel and how affiliates operate
  • Hurts relationship building, the core of affiliate marketing
  • Show there’s too much value placed on the wrong KPIs

Listen in as Jamie goes into more detail on these points and others, including a story about one of hundreds of dormant affiliates becoming a “big dog” in the space.



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