Season 01 / Episode 036

Finding Balance in the Work From Home Era with Karen Fong Snyder

With Karen Fong Snyder - Director Partner Marketing and Management, Incentive Networks

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The nature of work has fundamentally changed since the pandemic forced businesses and employees from their once familiar office confines. Those who pivoted successfully were able to shore up basic operations, but may still be grappling with the idea of this being a permanent shift and question how to flourish as an enterprise focused on building and maintaining relationships.

The good news is that this new way of doing things isn’t new to everyone. Today’s guest, Karen Fong Snyder, has worked remotely since the early 2000s and is no stranger to the rhythm of the WFH “lifestyle,” the effects it has on people, organizations and their partners. Tune in as we discuss the benefits and challenges of our new work reality.

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About Our Guest


Karen Fong Snyder


With over 20 years of affiliate marketing experience, Karen Snyder has been at the forefront of Affiliate Marketing since 1999. She’s worked with various clients to establish and grow loyalty programs with education, financial, and airline institutions. With a passion for education, she started with to support school fundraising efforts through online shopping, where she began building affiliate relationships in the US. As an early employee of Incentive Networks, she was brought on to establish and grow affiliate and client relationships in the US and internationally. Karen’s personal mantras include: Keep it Simple and Keep it Real.



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