Season 02 / Episode 011

Getting Down to Reality (and whisky) with Chris Tradgett

With Chris Tradgett - CMO, Publisher Discovery

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Are you ready for a unique perspective? Jamie joins entrepreneur and industry long-timer Chris Tradgett in a good-humored dialog on a variety of themes. Highlights include the importance of humility and self-awareness, and the role it plays in business success and in leadership; a much needed shift in mindset toward the concept of Partnership Marketing; insights into the Publisher Discovery platform, how it works, and why it should be part of your solution set.

Honestly, a short summary really doesn’t do this episode justice! Give yourself an early Christmas present by setting aside the next hour to give this one a listen. You may just find yourself wanting to send us a thank you card.

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About Our Guest


Chris Tradgett


One of founding team of 4 at affiliate network which we grew to 50+ staff and £72m turnover, then sold to AOL in 2008 for “an undisclosed sum” and which became part of Awin in 2010.



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