Episode #018

Jamie (Tapia) Barr – Affiliate Manager Extraordinaire

With Jamie Barr - Affiliate Manager/Growth Marketer

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10 year vet, Jamie Tapia Barr, joins us today on the Profitable Performance Marketing Podcast. It’s a homecoming of sorts, as Jamie started her affiliate marketing career right here at JEBCommerce. Going from an assistant affiliate manager to leading some of our most exciting and fastest growing programs, Jamie established herself as an affiliate marketing superstar early and has continued that throughout her career.

Jamie truly has a heart for affiliate marketing and has personally managed and supervised teams that developed hundreds of affiliate marketing programs in just about every vertical on the agency side and in-house at several different advertisers. Her experience is impressive and I’m glad to have her on today’s episode.

Jamie and I discuss everything from the election and how it impacts our Q4 affiliate marketing plans, to career decisions, planning and unique partnerships in the affiliate marketing space. Jamie talks about the need and advantages of being flexible in times like we are experiencing, both because of COVID and this election.

About Our Guest

Name: Jamie Barr



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