Season 02 / Episode 002

KPIs, Data, and Conflict in Marketing with Faheem Dayala

With Faheem Dayala - Chief Digital Strategist, Shayr Digital

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Today’s businesses require a diverse set of marketing disciplines to be truly effective. However, getting all of them and their practitioners to play nicely together can sometimes be a challenge. Have you encountered this yourself?

Whether you have or not, check out this episode of the podcast as Jamie interviews Faheem Dayala, Chief Digital Strategist at Shayr Digital. They get into some of the pitfalls today’s marketers face, the necessity of setting relevant KPIs and data tracking, and what happens when data is scrutinized for its own sake, a case of paralysis by analysis.

About Our Guest


Faheem Dayala


Digital brand marketing and integrated communications leader with 15+ years of senior-management and leadership experience with a strong focus on driving ROI, innovation, and leading the development of brand marketing and performance marketing across a variety of industries for B2B and B2C brands.



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