Season 01 / Episode 032

Mike McNerney Publisher, Martech Record – Affiliate Marketing is good for democracy? And more!

With Michael McNerney - Publisher, Martech Record

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Affiliate marketing, a high school radio show, the stodgy world of publishing and affiliate marketing is good for democracy?  Yup, I talk about all these things with my guest today on the Profitable Performance Marketing Podcast.  Michael McNerney, Publisher, Martech Record, joins me today to talk about those subjects and more.  

Mike’s career spans the old world of publishing in the dawn of the digital age at McGraw Hill and we talk about how that unique experience, combined with his many years working in the partnership, strategy and business development areas of SaaS companies and affiliate platforms, positioned him perfectly to launch his industry publication, Martech Record.  Martech Record, just this past December released a pretty solid and incredibly useful affiliate network and platform buyers guide as well as multiple webinars.

Want to find out how affiliate marketing is good for democracy?  I’ll give you a hint, it has to do with journalists and media companies finding a stable model to earn revenue.

Want to know why Mike and his panelist, and now myself, think affiliate marketing is only in the top half of the first inning of this digital marketing game?  It may open your eyes to a new way of looking at the channel.  Give this podcast a listen.

Mike is also looking for more panelists for his buyers guide.  If you manage affiliate programs and have worked with multiple networks, contact Mike at Linkedin.  Let him know you heard about this on our podcast!

Check out the buyer’s guide here.  

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