Season 01 / Episode 007

Mustafa Mirreh – Performance Marketing, Diversity and Inclusion

With Mustafa Mirreh - Senior Digital Journalist, PerformanceIN

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My job allows provides me access to a very diverse mix of professionals in the performance marketing space. People of all different backgrounds, colors and creeds and all over the world. Today I’m blessed to have an insightful conversation with someone across the pond – Mustafa Mirreh.

This conversation with Mustafa was a great one. Very informative as we dove into the Black Lives Matter movement and diversity in the performance marketing world, the things one needs to be concerned with in launching an international affiliate program and trends Mustafa sees coming down the pipe. I really appreciate Mustafa sharing his experience and insights especially on the social issues we are currently working through in the US and abroad. I learned a ton and can’t thank Mustafa enough for bringing this conversation to the Profitable Performance Marketing podcast.

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Mustafa Mirreh



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