Season 01 / Episode 009

Nicole Lewis – Travel Blogger and Wildlife Vet

With Nicole Lewis - Travel Blogger and Wildlife Vet, Wandering with a Dromomaniac

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Today is our 2nd in our Travel Series and I speak to a pretty incredible individual and a travel affiliate – Nicole Lewis. Nicole is a wildlife veterinarian and a part time travel blogger and we have a great conversation, starting with – what is a Dromomaniac.

Nicole focuses on the adventure travel space. We have a great conversation about all things travel and then really drive into the best ways to work with her and other travel affiliates, some do’s and don’ts and about the importance of alignment to her. Meaning, don’t reach out to her if your brand doesn’t align with her values, her content and her audience. It’s a great conversation that I hope you find value in too! If you are a travel advertiser looking for niche content creators, you definitely want to listen to this episode.

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Nicole Lewis



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