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Welcome to Season Three of the Profitable Performance Marketing podcast! Get ready for a series of engaging discussions as we enter Q4 and journey through Q1. This season boasts an impressive guest list, including industry luminaries like Michael McNerney, Nick Marchese, and Stephanie Schwab.

What makes this season unique is that nearly all our guests are podcast first-timers, offering fresh perspectives on digital marketing. We’re also committed to tackling important industry topics, like the role of the affiliate channel in dealing with overstocked items, so feel free to send us your burning questions at

Thank you for being a part of the Profitable Performance Marketing podcast community. Get ready for a thrilling season ahead filled with insightful discussions and expert guests!



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[00:00:00] Welcome Profitable Performance Marketing podcast listeners. Season three is on its way. We have some incredible things, to be discussing as we enter into Q4 and this season goes out through Q1. We’re going to be talking to some amazing individuals. We have Martech record Michael McNerney will be on the podcast.

[00:00:25] Nick Marchese, longtime luminary industry vet and a good personal friend of mine. We’re going to have a ball. We have Stephanie Schwab, who I used to work for. I’m so excited to have her on the podcast. We have almost every single affiliate network will be represented this year. We have a few guests making their second appearance on the podcast.

[00:00:47] And some firsts. Actually, do you know that 98 percent of our guests have never been on a podcast before? You are actually listening to them for the very first time, and this goes all the way back to season one, but we have some awesome guests on the show. Well, we’re going to try to get all the networks on, we’re going to try to bring the affiliate perspective as well.

[00:01:11] So you get to hear what they, have to say. And then you’ll be hearing from myself, as I talk about some of the topics that are, super important to the industry. One of the first ones just recorded is, “can the affiliate channel support my company in moving overstocked items.”

[00:01:30] So just recorded that, that will be on the first season. So if you have questions about affiliate marketing that you want answered. Then just send them to and we’ll make sure to record an episode and answer those for you. So get ready, we have some awesome guests on the Profitable Performance Marketing podcast.

[00:01:51] I am starting to get that down. That is a lot of Ps to say in one very short sentence, but the Profitable Performance Marketing podcast season three is on its way. We are still finalizing the guest list, so if you’d like to be on the show or you know someone we should have on the show, then just email us at we will reach out to them. You can even make an introduction to us with that email address and we’ll make sure to bring them on the show.

[00:02:18] Now, one thing we are doing different this year is we are recording videos. So we will have a YouTube channel set up. You’ll be able to, to listen and view our guests, as we talk to them about all things, digital marketing, and we have some big news.

[00:02:33] JEBCommerce, the company that I founded has a new CEO, Jake Fuller and Jake will be joining us on a few episodes to talk about all sorts of things. One of the big things that he’s noticing this year is a return to fundamentals and how many of our clients and prospects come to us with really poor fundamentals.

[00:02:55] So we’re gonna be talking about that a lot this year. So anyway, if you would like to be a guest, email us at If you have a question you want us to answer on the show, then just email us at Be on the lookout for episodes. They will be coming fast and furious once a week, every Wednesday, once we are done recording the first few.

[00:03:20] So anyway, if you love this podcast. please give us a five star rating on Apple podcast, Stitcher, Spotify, whatever podcast player you love. And if you have ideas for us again, just email us at Looking forward, to all our guests and topics we’re going to discuss this year.

[00:03:39] Thank you for listening.

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