Season 01 / Episode 031

Talking biscuits, football and affiliate marketing optimization tactics with Joe Sousa, Affiliate Manager, North America at Fanatics, Inc

With Joe Sousa - Affiliate Manager, North America, Fanatics, Inc

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Seahawks football, biscuits and cinnamon rolls and affiliate marketing? Yes, that is all on today’s show. Today I have a conversation with Joe Sousa, Manager – Affiliate Marketing – North America at Fanatics, Inc. Like many other guests, I’ve known Joe for probably 10 years or more and I’m excited to have him on the podcast.

Today we talk about all things affiliate marketing. We dive into his time as an affiliate, successfully for 15 years, and his transition to managing affiliate programs. Joe’s career has spanned being a publisher, working at an affiliate management agency and now working for one of the top affiliate programs in the Sports category, maybe in any category,

This unique history and perspective brings a lot of value to conversations around:

  • Affiliate optimization tactics
  • Content site development
  • Why relationships are so important in affiliate marketing
  • And much more

Give this one a listen today.

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About Our Guest


Joe Sousa


Joe manages the North America affiliate program for global retailer Fanatics, inc. Joe specializes in creating and cultivating relationships with content affiliates to grow the revenue and customer acquisition through the affiliate channel.



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