Season 02 / Episode 004

The Value of Building Relationships and Much More with Chris Park

With Chris Park - Senior Affiliate Manager, JEBCommerce

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Over the last year and change we’ve brought you great interviews from all over the digital marketing space. However, to date we have yet to dip into the pool of talent “within our own walls.” To remedy that, this episode marks the first of several in a series highlighting the many savvy folks working at JEBCommerce.

Headlining this episode is Digital Marketing veteran and resident super star Chris Park. Jamie and Chris dive into whether programs can or should be run on multiple networks, when and when not to dismiss affiliates, managing multiple brands, and best of all, why Affiliate Marketing is a business of building relationships.

For more on Chris, be sure to check out his biography or get him on the phone for a chat. He’s a wealth of knowledge and experience on a variety of subjects, and one of the nicest guys you’ll meet.

About Our Guest


Chris Park


A true industry veteran, Chris has been a part of the JEBCommerce team since June 2019. He began his affiliate marketing career in 2000 managing the affiliate program, added the Old Pueblo Traders and Bedford Fair affiliate programs in 2013, and ended up managing 11 programs, including Fingerhut, when Blair’s parent company was acquired by Bluestem Brands. In 2017, Chris made the switch to the agency side and gained experience in the travel vertical managing programs for Choice Hotels and Caesars Entertainment while working for a small OPM company.



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