Publisher Optimizations led to 55% YoY Growth in November 2020

At JEBCommerce, our team takes a data-driven approach to optimization. Leveraging data with our processes helped us identify an opportunity to test a new TM+ partner with a client in the Health & Wellness vertical, driving 55% YoY increase in revenue in November 2020.

Leveraging TM+ rights, our management team was able to negotiate additional placements, including a dedicated blog post, week-long top merchant placement on the homepage and a category sponsorship for the rest of the quarter. This pivot led to $17,844 in revenue for the month of November from a dormant publisher who didn’t drive any traffic or revenue last year.

Here are a few additional optimization tactics that led to strong YoY growth for this client:

  • We tested a placement package with a coupon publisher that included a homepage placement, newsletter, and several social media posts, which helped drive $3,551 in revenue in November 2020 vs. $0 last year.
  • Increasing revenue with a loyalty publisher led to a strong increase, driving $21,570 this year vs. $8,903 last year.
  • A 2% commission increase with a sub-affiliate network led to significant YoY growth
  • Activation efforts with new publishers led to 11 more publishers driving revenue this year vs. last year.
  • Lastly, optimizing text link creative to focus on top selling products helped drive additional revenue.

If you would like to learn more about these optimization tactics and how to use them to grow your affiliate program, please email us at gethelp@jebcommerce.com and we will set up a call to discuss strategy.

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