Now that 2013 is behind us, and there is at least a few days breathing room from Q4, it’s time to look back and recap some of the great things that our teams accomplished  and some of the other notable events and items in the past year.

Let’s start off with our new clients.  We have the good fortune of working with some amazing companies and individuals, and we were excited to add more to our stable in 2013:

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Research and Blog Posts

in 2013 we put together some great research and posted that on our blog.  The coming years will require a lot of this channel, and what we put together in 2013 was intended to assist our clients and the industry in dealing with things such as profitability, incrementality, channel attribution and fraud.  Here is a selection of our most popular items in this area:

How Many Network Should My Affiliate Program Be On?  This subject can really bring about some heated debate.  I wouldn’t say it’s controversial, but there definitely seems to be specific “camps” comprising of a few different views on this subject.  I’ve had really interesting conversations about 1 vs many networks and even a few arguments (really, I’m sure there are better things for us…

Incremental Sales Part 1 Many years ago I was involved in a profitability rationalization project at a large retailer.  The assumption was made, by others, that affiliate sales were not as profitable as previously thought and that many sales would have happened already, or they were simply increasing costs of other channels.

Incremental Sales Part 2  This is the second part in a 5 part series on Incremental sales.  Haven’t read the first part, click here.  In this post we will be going over possible ways to calculate incremental sales.  It’s different for just about everyone. How is it calculated? I truly wish there was one simple formula that all advertisers…

Incremental Sales Part 3  This is the 3rd part in a 5 part series on incremental sales in affiliate marketing.  Catch up on Part 1 and Part 2.  We have discussed definitions and some possible ways to calculate incremental.  Today let’s dive into who may want to do this. Who is this right for? We are currently walking several

Incremental Sales Part 4 – The Data

Incremental Sales Part 5 –  A How-To Guide

Lifetime Value – What is it – Why is it import and and what do you do with it.

Using Cart Sniping to your Advantage  We’ve been writing quite a bit lately on profitability, incrementality (is that even a word?) and other ROI type of issues regarding affiliate marketing.  One that comes up quite often, and has been a major concern of advertisers for years has been cart sniping.  What was once just a concern now has a name.

2013 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Results  TechCrunch, Comscore and a host of other organizations reported huge increases in sales online in 2013.  Retailers are seeing more customers migrate to the web and are finding the affiliate channel an effective and profitable way to capitalize on this trend.  New customer acquisition and affiliate engagement have been, and continue to be, significant initiatives …

ShareASale Top 100 Power Rankings

Three of our client’s programs performed well enough to be in ShareASales’ top 10, all three in the top 40.  Eastern Mountain Sports, Johnston & Murphy and Redubble all are in!  Our teams work very hard to deliver amazing results and rankings like this confirm all that hard work!  Jon Goodwin, Geoff Marshall, Jamie Tapia and Danielle Dougherty – Congratulations!

LinkShare Certification


In February of 2013, one of our star affiliate managers received her LinkShare Certification.  “Designed for highly-motivated professionals who manage Rakuten LinkShare Advertiser affiliate programs, this certification is an industry-standard education and testing program.  See more here:”  The certification assesses managers abilities to understand and grow affiliate programs and use LinkShare to do so.  Jamie Tapia finished her certification in February and continues to lead the way!



In 2013 we released an eBook on Incremental sales that you can download here.  The affiliate channel needs to tackle, handle and prove incrementality in new ways in 2014 and beyond.  This ebook will give you a good primer on what it is, how to measure it and what you need to do to get started.

New Employees

We also had the good fortune to continue to grow this past year.  We added a new Assistant Affiliate Manager, Jayson Barrett and a new Director of Business Development, Jeffery Breisch.  Both come to us with a great amount of experience in their respective fields and have been tremendous additions to our team.  We’ll have pics of each of them, and new shots of our team, in the weeks to come.

JEBCommerce Certifications

ANALYTICSContinuing Education is important to everyone at JEBCommerce.  You not only need to keep learning about our industry but also across different marketing tools.  It creates a more rounded affiliate manager and that leads to better performing programs for our affiliate partners and our clients.  We provide our staff with as many opportunities to grow as possible.  In 2012 we created the JEBCommerce University where our staff go through 6-8 week training programs in cross-discipline initiatives such as Analytics, SEM, Incremental Sales, Attribution, SEO, Display Advertising and more.  in 2013, our staff received their certifications for Web Analytics, SEM and New Customer Acquisition.  And they get great badges too!


2013 was a great year and we look forward to an even better 2014!

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