Discover how JEBCommerce helped a national fashion retail chain develop an affiliate marketing strategy that shattered their revenue goals and maintained their brand image in the competitive online marketplace.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your eCommerce business. However, without the right partner, it can also be one of the most frustrating. We feel your pain. At JEBCommerce, we combine 75+ years of affiliate management experience with smart business insights to deliver customized affiliate programs that boost online sales. Our award-winning experts care about your success as much as you do.

When a well-known retailer with stores in 45 states came to us three years ago seeking a more effective affiliate marketing strategy, we were poised for the challenge. Here’s how JEBCommerce developed a margin-conscious, profitable promotion strategy that generated $44,000,000 in revenue for this top national retailer.

The Problem

When we met this savvy retailer, it had just switched leadership and was ready to ramp up its affiliate strategy. Although rival brands offered deep online discounts, the company wanted to avoid this “race to the bottom.” Its top priorities were boosting profitability and maintaining its strong brand image.

An initial analysis of the client’s current campaigns showed two key areas for improvement: performance was not up to par, and last-minute placements were driving up costs with little ROI to justify the spend. Without an affiliate management partner it could trust, this brand was understandably skeptical about the results it would see from a revamped strategy. But at the same time, it recognized the need for some major changes.

“The JEBCommerce team provided quality service, knowledgeable recommendations and managed our business with great detail and care. They steered us in the right direction to continually grow our program, gain market share over competitors and drive strong sales and return on investment. As a result, the affiliate business has grown to be one of our largest and most productive digital marketing channels.”

– Kate O. – A Retail Company

The Fix

At JEBCommerce, we know that effective affiliate marketing programs require a few key ingredients: experience, data, trust and a strong understanding of the client’s needs. Armed with our award-winning affiliate strategy expertise, our team hit the ground running to craft a custom strategy built upon trust and, of course, in-depth data.

Our early research showed that competitors were often advertising holiday discounts of up to 70%, but in reality were attaching the biggest discount to the biggest ticket items. With our client’s goals in mind, we carved out a different Black Friday strategy: a site-wide sale with everything priced at $20 or less.

Paired with further incentives — 10% off $70 and $15 off $90 in purchases —we were able to boost sales 72% on black Friday and ensure the client’s profitability.

Our team also worked with the client to gain access to budgets earlier in the campaign cycle. By scheduling promotions with key affiliates 3-5 months prior to launch, we were able to save as much as 50%. On one homepage placement alone, this dropped the cost from $30,000 to $12,000.

To build mutual trust, our team maintained regular communication with the client, and tailored our reporting to address its major areas of concern. We conducted a thorough competitor offer analysis to keep the retailer up-to-date on its rivals’ strategies. To evaluate our strategy, we ran daily numbers for all top affiliates to show revenue comparisons for placement and non-placement days.

If a homepage placement didn’t sell a certain amount by mid-morning, our team was already asking the important questions: What’s working, and what needs to change? This agile approach allowed us to make the smartest marketing decisions.

With JEBCommerce’s help, our client generated $1.5M in revenue in the first month, and the results keep pouring in. Now, after 3 years of partnering with JEBCommerce, this national retailer has achieved 46% sales lift. — without degrading its brand value.

The Bottom Line

Without a knowledgeable partner in your corner, affiliate marketing can be a challenging undertaking. JEBCommerce’s experts help leading online retailers develop and manage affiliate programs that deliver clear ROI.

Are you ready to turbocharge your affiliate marketing program? With JEBCommerce, your most successful campaign yet starts today.