Excited to welcome the Everyday Dose affiliate program – JEBCommerce

JEBCommerce is excited to welcome the Everyday Dose affiliate program!

JEBCommerce has joined with Everyday Dose to bring their nutrient-packed, healthy coffee alternative to the affiliate channel.

Everyday Dose, the mushroom latte, is a comprehensive and convenient alternative to stimulants and highly caffeinated drinks. You drink it like coffee. So, the routine and taste you love and crave is still taking place. However, it has one-third of the caffeine found in an average cup of coffee. Combine that great coffee flavor with functional mushrooms, collagen and nootropics and it’s a healthy alternative that doesn’t result in jitters and lets everyone feel good about what they are putting in their body.

Whether you’re focused on innovative beverages, overall healthy living, better sleep, the healing properties of mushrooms, sustainability, or just cool new products, Everyday Dose will resonate with your audience.

Why publishers should join

  • Simple and easy sign up on the ShareASale platform
  • Earn a baseline 8% commission on sale of Everyday Dose products
  • Cookie Window: 30 days 
  • Access to special offers and details
  • Dedicated program management
  • A brand that is committed to customer satisfaction

How to get started

To become an Everyday Dose affiliate simply submit an application through ShareASale. If you are interested in learning more about Everyday Dose or have any questions, please email us at everydaydose@jebcommerce.com for a personal response from the program management team.