Welcome to another episode of “What is JEBCommerce Reading – April 13, 2012″!  April met all of us in the Northwest with a mix of confusing weather; sunny and warm temps one day and snow and cold the next.  Everyone at JEBCommerce have been reading different articles this week featuring affiliate marketing and interesting social media news.  Please enjoy!

Brian Secrist:   “Android On Your PC:  Qualcomm Invests In BlueStacks After Beta Sees 1M Downloads in 10 Days”

Geoff Marshall:   “Microsoft and Nokia Begin Massive Marketing Push Behind Lumia 900″

Jamie Birch:  “Why you shouldn’t overlook affiliate marketing”  and  “Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity”

Jamie Tapia:  “Facebook Buys Instagram for $1Billion” and  “Pinterest Soars to No. 3 in Social Networking”

Jennifer Dorman:   “Answer your tattoo – your phone is ringing”

Jon Goodwin:    “11 Ways I Drive Traffic To My Sites”

Maryellen Garasky:   “Twitter users rally to save carjacked man”

Richard Hawkins:  “Why you shouldn’t overlook affiliate marketing”

Shannon Simons:  “Say ‘hello’ to CISPA, it will remind you of SOPA”

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