Every Tuesday morning the JEBCommerce team gets together to talk about our clients, our affiliate partners and share strategies and tactics that are working with each other’s programs.  It also gives me time to share news with the team.

One feature to this meeting we added several months ago is sharing what each of us is reading at the time.  Continuing education is important to everyone at JEB, and often a good book, magazine or blog post can fill that need for us.  Sometimes we share about a great online marketing blog post, sometimes it’s a management or organization piece and sometimes it’s about the Mars Rover or American Idol.  Just for fun or informative, we thought we’d share with you those things we are reading and share with each other.  We’ll try to do this after our team meetings on Tuesday, but knowing how busy we get, we may miss a few.

Without further ado, please enjoy this week’s reading list:

(Geoff Marshall) – Retargeting – Online annoyance or effective marketing strategy?

(Jamie Tapia) – How to shave ten hours of your work week.

(Danielle Dougherty) – 5 Steps to developing more discipline.

(Jon Goodwin) – Are your banners helping affiliates?

(Brian Secrist) –Nuclear Space Battery on Mars Rover.

(Jen Dorman) – Considering Brand Awareness when selecting merchants.

(Maryellen Garasky)  – Yahoo Site Explorer closes down.

(Shannon Simmons) – Fly Me to The Moon – Wired Magazine (my favorite)

(Jamie Birch) – Protecting your #1 Assett – IP Protection. 

What are you reading?  We’d love for you to share!



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