#5 in our Why Hire an Outsourced Program Management Agency – Speed and Flexibility

I hope you enjoyed our brief video in Part 4 of this series.  If you haven’t seen it yet, click here to see how your program can get increased exposure by working with an outsourced affiliate management agency or OPM.  (I use those two interchangeably.  I never really liked the acronym OPM, but it seems to have stuck so it’s hard to part ways with it.)

Today I want to discuss speed and flexibility.  Outsourced firms can simply work faster. They have the ability to collaborate, pull in additional resources as needed, and delegate work to subject-matter experts. In-house staff, on the other hand, often must find solutions on their own, self-teach to fill any gaps in expertise, and sacrifice initiatives when resources get tight.

Take for example the advertising tax that is getting so much attention right now.  Every affiliate program needs to be aware and knowledgeable about this issue to protect your organizations.  But I can tell you first hand, it takes a lot of time to figure out this issue in general.  Many hours are spent by JEBCommerce staff researching the issue nationally and researching each individual state that proposes or passes these issues.  When one person has to not only execute your affiliate management plans and strategies, but also stay abreast of this issue, along with hundreds of others, that pulls them away from executing “Revenue Producing Activities”.

With an agency or OPM, that doesn’t happen.  Our resident expert on a given subject is pulled into the team when we need them so that the team managing your program doesn’t have to learn, research, guide and execute outside of those revenue producing activities. This leads to higher sales and a more consistent level of sales and performance over time.

Outsourcing also provides the ability to upscale and downscale resources based on the projects at hand. That flexibility allows for additional cost savings in the long term.  Higher sales, safer programs, protected brands and higher profit – all these things available with an agency like JEBCommerce.com