64% YoY Growth for a Subscription Merchant Attributed to Merchandising Efforts, Without Additional Spend

Recently, we grew a subscription-based merchant within the art and DIY space, 64% YoY without any additional spend for paid media placements. A focus on merchandising, specifically highlighting the benefits of the most expensive annual plans helped drive the increase in revenue growth and a 44% YoY increase in AOV.

One of the most successful optimization tactics we tried was with a conversion optimization platform, UpSellIt, which helped convert our AOV to a higher price point of $152. We were excited to see how well this test performed and will continue to optimize and test with this publisher in Q4.

Our paid search partnership with CouponCause also attributed to performance increases in YoY revenue and AOV increases last month.

Here are a few other tactics we executed that lead to YoY growth in October:

  • A strong focus on content publishers driving at least 1 sale led to 1/3 of sales coming from this publisher category. Some of these content publishers included:, Elan Studio, and
  • Our renewed focus on stronger affiliate coupons has also reflected strongly in discount publishers: RetailMeNot moved into #2 this month, driving $933 in sales vs. $104 in October of 2019 (a nearly 800% spike!)
  • Skimlinks continues to top the channel for traffic, thanks to evergreen posts from mass media sites Business Insider and Thrillist
  • Brand new loyalty partner Bing Rebates also made a big debut, driving 135 clicks and a sale.

If you would like to learn more about these optimization tactics and how to use them to grow your affiliate program, please email us at and we will set up a call to discuss strategy.