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Affiliate Marketing Can Boost the Speed of Public Relations

By now, it’s no surprise to most of us in the affiliate and public relations communities that these two channels are coming together in new and unique ways. With speed and velocity we haven’t seen in the affiliate space before. 

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Helping PR At the Speed of the Click

As both industries grapple with what this will look like and how they adjust, pivot and change to take advantage of these opportunities, we want to highlight one of the reasons the PR community should be looking at the affiliate channel to maximize their campaigns. Speed.

We live in a real-time world and that is only getting more and more vital to advertisers. A trend that begins today on TikTok may be over by the week’s end. A trend that is all the rage can burn hot and burn out just as quick as it started. You need the reach as quickly as you can to take advantage of exposure opportunities.

Affiliate Marketers and Immediate Content Promotion 

Affiliates, like advertisers and most organizations, have spent the last two decades building up their own brand. They’ve been testing their unique value propositions and how they pitch themselves to their audiences, and really refining what audiences they are going to be serving. Because of that, they own those audiences and have garnered loyalty from those consumers. And if you want to get access to those users through a trusted source, you have to work with them through the affiliate channel. And they can move on a dime! 

JEBCommerce has spent the last two decades building strong relationships with all of the affiliates in our community. Because of those relationships built over time, forged in thousands of campaigns for hundreds of clients, our affiliate partners are able to push out creative, offers, content and produce information within hours. If it fits with their audience, they’ll get it out very quickly with little red tape to get through. Like many publishers working in the public relations world, these partners know their audience, know what they want to showcase and know how they want to work with partners. And JEBCommerce knows how they work. 

We can take advantage of someone wearing a piece of clothing and rollout placements, creative, content AND tracking to get these campaigns out, utilizing affluencers, influencers and traditional affiliates. 

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If you need help figuring out how these two worlds collide, let us know. We’d love to help you create your strategy for success.