Announcing Our New Senior Affiliate Marketing Manager, Chris Park - JEBCommerce

Announcing: Our New Senior Affiliate Marketing Manager

Meet our newest hire

Recently we had the opportunity to add an industry vet to our affiliate team at JEBCommerce who has made an immediate impact. I had the pleasure of running into Chris Park at ASE18 and was impressed by his industry experience and knowledge, and it probably didn’t hurt that he is an all-around great guy.

I was thrilled to find out we had a chance of hiring him, given his experience, 20 plus years, he adds immediate value to our fashion and retail brands.

Chris is leveraging his travel and retail fashion experience serving as Senior Affiliate Manager providing strategy to Contiki, Trafalgar and Paul Fredrick. He has leveraged his relationships to bring new partnerships to all of the brands we manage.

“I am so excited to have another twenty plus year veteran on our team. I can’t stress how much that level of experience can change the speed and efficacy that our teams operate. Chris has been a legend in the affiliate industry for two decades. There isn’t much he hasn’t seen, and we are honored to have his expertise on our client accounts. Chris’s deep fashion affiliate program experience and his time inside will be invaluable to many of our men’s and women’s fashion accounts. His deep travel experience can’t be overlooked either. Managing multiple programs like we do at JEB, is something Chris has shown a true knack for. We are so much better with him on our team. Welcome Chris!”

-Jamie Birch

JEBCommerce culture fit

We value our culture at JEBCommerce, and I am happy to say Chris has been an excellent fit on the JEB team. During Chris’ first week on the job, despite being rusty, his foosball game improved dramatically.

Here is a quote from Chris on his thoughts about joining the team at JEBCommerce:

“After nearly 20 years in the affiliate marketing industry, I finally get to work with a friend I’ve known for the entire 20 years. Add to that a great team providing great service to great clients… and huckleberries, and it just doesn’t get any better!  JEBCommerce is a perfect fit for me!”

A life-long learner

Chris is a constant learner and he leveraged network conferences to identify the latest tools and technology to be successful. He attended CJU back in the early 2000’s where he learned a new tool, dynamic banners, which he used to help grow the Blair affiliate program.

This new type of banner could dynamically change the content inside, so once an affiliate put it on their website, the merchant could change the banner as often as the wanted. He knew this would be PERFECT for the Clearance Section of… specifically, their Clearance Countdown.

The Blair IT department created skyscraper banners for the affiliate program that featured all the available products on Monday. By Wednesday, those banners were updated to show which products sold out… and the same on Friday. The following Monday, we started all over again with new products.

Chris said that affiliates LOVED the Clearance Countdown banners! And best of all, they weren’t just beneficial to the affiliate program, but Blair as a company as well. The Clearance Section, with the help of the Clearance Countdown, gave Blair the opportunity to close down it’s brick and mortar Clearance Stores and liquidate all discontinued products more cost-effectively online.