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JEBCommerce Employee Profile - Gabe Ripley

Gabe Ripley

Director of Creative Services

Gabe Ripley (aka Kung-Fu Panda)

Director of Creative Services

Shortly after earning a degree in Graphic Design from Oregon State University, Gabe began his career with women’s apparel retailer Coldwater Creek. During his near 14 year history with the company, Gabe served as Production Designer for both web and catalog teams, then as Web Graphic Designer, and finally Web UX Designer. Those roles along with various others as a freelance web developer, has given him license to claim the mantle: Jack of All Trades (and Master of None).

In the spring of 2014 Gabe joined JEBCommerce and thoroughly enjoys working with the rest of the team to service its roster of outstanding brands.

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Shortened URLs, we've all seen them, those cute but mysterious tiny URLs that start with,,, or for those who've been around a while, For some time, the best (perhaps only) way to squeeze an address down to a few scant characters was to use a…
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