Coupon Marketing Strategy: Go Where Your Audience Is

Consumers seem to be planning for a prolonged downturn in the US economy and are using coupons in larger numbers. More and more consumers are not purchasing a product without researching to find the best deal.

The good news is they continue to shop, just more wisely and making sure they have a discount prior to making that purchase.

How does that relate to online coupon sites? Traffic to coupon sites are increasing dramatically. 

Digital retailers can leverage this shift to weather the storm by taking advantage of the increased traffic to online coupon sites and developing a marketing strategy to increase sales.

If your brand is sensitive to couponing, not wanting to offer coupons that may discount your brand, there are other ways to take advantage of the coupon trends outlined in JEBCommerce’s 7 Creative Coupon Strategies for Digital Retailers article.

In the following video, Jamie Birch from JEBCommerce, speaks to retail marketing managers about working with coupon affiliates during COVID-19.

Video: Is your coupon-affiliate strategy still a good one?

Transcript of “Is your coupon-affiliate strategy still a good one?” video:

Hi, this is Jamie Birch!

I want to remind you that if you are struggling with anything digital marketing related, or find yourself out of work and want to know how to best position yourself for that next exciting role, I still have available times to meet at calendly.com/jamiebirch.

Also, if you are an affiliate manager, director of e-commerce, vice president of e-commerce, or anyone in this type of role – now is a time to take another look at your coupon-affiliate strategy. In better times, there was a lot of discussion around their profitability and how to utilize them correctly. In fact, you can go to our blog at jebcommerce.com to read our content and research on the proper use of coupon affiliates.

In the meantime, I want you to take another look at your coupon-affiliate strategy. You want to go where your audience is – that’s the name of the game. Marketing is finding your audience and giving them the right message. Right now, it’s a great time to reevaluate how you use this channel and how you value this channel. Coupon affiliates are doing very well during this time, they have the audience.

If you want help figuring out the right strategies in working with coupon affiliates to achieve your goals, I want to help! Set up a time at calendly.com/jamiebirch.

Don’t dismiss coupon affiliates at this moment, reevaluate your current strategy and figure out how to best get through this challenging time with these partners by your side.


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