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Having the best year ever?

Hi, this is Jamie Birch with JEBCommerce coming to you with another video! Today, I want to talk to those of you doing really well right now – affiliate managers, e-commerce vice presidents, etc. You may be having your best year ever, and we have clients who are having incredible years! Now is not the […]
Finding Focus in the Affiliate Channel - JEBCommerce

Finding Focus in the Affiliate Channel

Success within the affiliate channel comes when you have consistent focus on the right things at the right standard, over time. But, how do you know what the right things are – especially right now?  JEBCommerce withstood two events that greatly affected the affiliate channel: bubble burst in  2001 and a recession in 2008. […]

Marketing Managers Weekly Work Plan

Marketing managers are juggling a lot of channels and responsibilities. We are all trying to navigate the unknown – it is normal to feel overwhelmed or unsure of where to start. Jamie Birch of JEBCommerce shares his process to planning an effective weekly work plan. For affiliate marketing hours or anyone in general planning out […]

How to Manage Coronavirus Impact on Retail Inventory Levels

There are many new problems facing retailers during the Coronavirus pandemic. Some organizations (like the travel sector) are facing a lack of demand. Others are facing too high of a demand, creating strains on supply chains and inventory levels.  This morning during JEB’s office forum, someone asked “what do we do about dwindling inventory levels? […]

Increase Sales with your Affiliate Program Now.

Many retailers are trying to figure out, “how can we increase sales right now?”  The answer may be waiting for you within your affiliate program. An electronics manufacturer, that JEBCommerce manages, increased their YoY net revenue by 263% by optimizing the affiliate channel– read the growth study here to see exactly how they did it. […]

Affiliate Program Missed Payments: Help is Here

In 2000 – 2001 and 2008 there were two events that affected the affiliate channel: the .com bubble burst and a recession.  During these time periods, companies went out of business or filed for bankruptcy, and many affiliates did not get paid. JEBCommerce has spoken with advertisers who have laid off 100% of their retail […]

How to Attract Media Affiliate Publishers

Twice a week affiliate managers at JEBCommerce have collaborative “water cooler talk” to ask questions, discuss concerns and brainstorm new ideas. In the following video, Jamie Birch shares a team conversation on how to get the attention of non-traditional publishers.  Non-traditional publishers would be any content or media publishers that use traditional advertising and are […]

Affiliate Crisis Marketing: Are You Paying for Canceled Orders?

Affiliate marketing is incredibly resilient. The advantage this channel offers during a crisis is tenfold.  Unlike other advertising channels that measure cost per click or cost per impression, affiliate marketing is based on a cost per action (CPA) payment structure. Meaning you only pay for converted sales and leads … well you should only be […]

Affiliate Crisis Marketing: Losing Orders to Broken Links

Affiliate marketing is the perfect channel to help your brand survive and thrive in our current environment because it is flexible and cost effective. In this video, Jamie Birch from JEBCommerce talks about getting back to the basics – reviewing creative.  When JEB partners with a Brand, one of the first things we do is […]

Affiliate Marketing Cart Abandonment

In the following video, Jamie Birch from JEBCommerce, speaks to retail marketing managers about a solution for cart abandonment, UpSellit.  During this pandemic, we are seeing an increase in ecommerce traffic, but a decrease in conversion rates. Some brands are seeing cart abandonment rates as high as 65%.  One strategy to lower cart abandonment is […]