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JEBCommerce is excited to be working with Zappos.com!

We at JEBCommerce are extremely excited to be working with Zappos and assisting such a dynamic and incredible company with their affiliate program.  Starting on November 13th, we are working closely with the Zappos affiliate manager, Ned Farra, and the rest of the Zappos team to help identify and reach out to new affiliates that are not yet promoting Zappos.  So, if you are not working with this top online retailer yet, you should be!  Just contact me at jamie@jebcommerce.com to get started.

I had an opportunity to meet Ned, Matt, their CEO Tony and what seemed to be the entire company in Vegas this week prior to attending pubcon.  I was extremely impressed with every single person I met and the company as a whole.  I’m sure you have read about their corporate culture, how they take care of their employees and how much of a family it is there.  It’s something that you can’t really get a feel for through a news article or blog, but I can attest that this is one of the most amazing and unique companies I have ever visited.  Every single person I met was extremely polite and truly seemed to love to work at Zappos.  This is one of the reasons we are truly proud to be working with this company.  Great products, amazing service and a family atmosphere.  We are so glad to be recruiting for the Zappos program.

My visit to their headquarters started with one of the most unique and fun company tours I have ever been on.  I was able to bring this picture home with me to remind me how much fun I did have.

So, if you are not working with Zappos, let’s get started today!  Here is what you do, you can email me, with your CJ PID at jamie@jebcommerce.com.  I’ll extend an offer to you through CJ and Ned and I will do all we can to make sure you are successful this holiday season.

If you have any questions or need any other help, just give me a call at 208-635-5164.

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