JEBCommerce is now Managing the Enfamil Affiliate Program

What is Enfamil?

Most parents know Enfamil. However, what they may not be aware of is the commitment that Enfamil has to nourishing children.

Enfamil is committed to helping caregivers nourish children and experience the moments of wonder that come with raising a child. With products that cover the spectrum of child care including infant formulas, baby formulas, toddler formulas, doctor-recommended formulas, and vitamins Enfamil’s commitment to children is obvious. Nutritionally nourishing children can cause a lot of anxiety for caregivers, so Enfamil even provides resources for pregnant mothers, new parents, and on topics such as feeding and baby development.

“Having the opportunity to work with such a trusted brand in child-care is an exciting partnership for the JEBCommerce team, we are looking forward to supporting caregivers every step of the way.”

– Kristin Wardwell, Senior Affiliate Manager

Why should publishers join the program?

We are excited to partner with Affiliates to bring such a well-known and trusted brand to customers.

If you are interested in learning more or have any questions, simply email Kristin at for a personal response from the team!

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