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JEBCommerce Team Includes Certified CJ Ambassadors

Commission Junction ( is one of the original affiliate networks that was founded back in 1998 and claims to be the world’s largest affiliate marketing ecosystem today. Although JEBCommerce was founded in 2004 and became an agency partner then, our veteran team members have been utilizing the CJ network for many years prior. Some of the affiliate programs that JEBCommerce currently manages on the CJ network include Exam Edge and Lime Crime.

In 2017, CJ launched the CJ Ambassador Program, an annual exam for agency partners that ensures knowledge and proficiency in using the CJ network.  Earning the CJ Ambassador badge validates individuals’ expertise on a wide range of the platform’s capabilities and comprehensive knowledge of CJ Affiliate. The challenging exam includes a range of topics including:

  • Links
  • Program Terms
  • Publishers
  • Reporting
  • Subscriptions
  • Tracking

The CJ Ambassador certification of our employees underscores our values of continuing to learn and grow as the industry and CJ platform evolves. It also highlights our expertise with the CJ platform, thus ensuring we make the best data-driven decisions for our clients based on our ability to do comprehensive reporting and analysis.

Several of JEBCommerce’s team members have completed the CJ Ambassador Program that proves they are truly experts on the CJ network. We congratulate the following team members who are now Certified CJ Ambassadors:

The team members listed above have the knowledge of navigating the CJ platform, accomplishing tasks, and optimizing within the network. We congratulate them on their accomplishments.

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