JEBCommerce Testimonial –

One of our longest standing clients sent us the following testimonial today.  We love working with Sumit and the rest of the team at and are super proud that they enjoy working with us too!

JEB commerce has got to be one of the most exciting companies that I’ve worked with in my entire 12-years in e-commerce .  We outsource to a lot of vendors and this has got to be the only company where we are very interactive with, both professionally and personally.  Our families have sat down with each other and broke bread a few times, each time was always a great experience.

Now, professionally speaking, they have provided us with value to our company going from 0 to where we are today.  This is something, we as a company, was not equipped to do.  We didn’t have the know-how, the where-to, or the where-is, that JEB commerce has been able to provide.  Our affiliate program with JEB commerce has opened our eyes to more potential business and we are always exploring new opportunities with JEB and I’m sure we will be acting on a lot of them.  Having their team on board is a pleasure and we are extremely impressed and pleased with the level of service we have received thus far! I mean, who else would pick you up from Spokane International airport and take you all around Idaho??
– Sumit Bhanote,

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