JEBCommerce Welcomes New Ownership for Future Growth – JEBCommerce

JEBCommerce Welcomes New Ownership for Future Growth

In the most recent episode of the Profitable Performance Marketing podcast, Jamie Birch, the founder of JEBCommerce, introduced a new era for the company as he hands over leadership to Jake Fuller, Nicole Ripley, and Gabe Ripley. The trio, equipped with extensive experience, shared insights on the future direction of JEBCommerce and their commitment to core values. Jake, current CEO, emphasized the importance of focusing on affiliate marketing fundamentals amidst evolving trends. The introduction of service tiers and a spotlight on “incrementality” showcase the team’s strategic approach. Jamie assured listeners of a smooth podcast transition, with Jake taking the reins in upcoming seasons. The episode encapsulates this transformative moment, highlighting JEBCommerce’s anticipation of continued success under new ownership.

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