Let’s Talk – Coupon and Deal Sites

Let's Talk Coupon and Deals Sites

When it comes to working with coupon sites, strategic partnerships are key to driving sustainable results. Our experience can help determine how best to work with publishers in this category and the value they bring to your affiliate program.


Assessing Value

We start by assessing the value that coupon sites can bring to your affiliate program. While coupon sites can drive traffic (even new-to-file) and conversions, it's important to evaluate whether they align with your brand's goals and target audience. We look for coupon sites that attract relevant, high-intent shoppers and offer value beyond just discounts.


Strategic Partner Selection

We strategically select coupon sites that align with your brand and target audience. This may involve partnering with niche coupon sites that cater to specific demographics or verticals, rather than generic coupon aggregators. By working with the right partners, we can ensure that coupon promotions are targeted and effective.


Negotiating Terms

We negotiate terms with coupon sites to ensure that promotions align with your brand's objectives and budget. This can entail setting limits on discount codes, specifying tracking requirements, or negotiating commission rates based on performance. By establishing clear expectations upfront, we can maximize the value of coupon partnerships while mitigating potential risks.


Monitoring Performance

We closely monitor the performance of coupon promotions to evaluate their impact on your affiliate program. This includes tracking key metrics such as traffic, conversions, and ROI, as well as analyzing the quality of traffic generated by coupon sites. By measuring performance against predefined KPIs, we can assess the value of coupon partnerships and make data-driven decisions.


Optimizing Strategy

Based on performance data, we optimize our strategy for working with coupon sites to drive better results. This may involve refining promotion tactics, adjusting commission structures, or identifying opportunities to expand partnerships with top-performing coupon sites. By continuously optimizing our approach, we can maximize the value of coupon partnerships and drive incremental growth for your affiliate program.

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“JEB provides expertise in the affiliate landscape not just as an agency but as a true business partner. Their team becomes an extension of the in-house digital marketing team. With the channel expertise not only do they do a great job of providing guidance in the affiliates landscape they are able to learn the business quickly so they only provide opportunities that make sense and help move the needle on the bottom line.”

– Faheem Dayala, Director of Digital Marketing at Silver Jeans

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