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2010Each new year we look back, as many do, at the year prior.  We review what we’ve done well, what we did not so well, and things we wanted to do but didn’t get around to them.  We do it at work and at home.  I actually really enjoy this time of year.  I love goal setting and I really enjoy looking back on the successes we’ve had, and do look forward to the things that weren’t successful, we always seem to learn so much from those situations.

On our blog, we like to look back and share those posts we published that readers either commented the most on or simply read more than others.  Here is that list, we hope you enjoy!

Why Aren’t They Accepting My Application?
I believe we actually wrote this post in late 2008, but it still seems to receive a lot of readers and comments.  Managing many programs, we review thousands of affiliate applications a year.  By doing that, we have rejected thousands as well, and many of them have very similar features.  Instead of emailing each of them when they apply, we created a blog series to help them identify why their application would be denied.  It’s a pretty comprehensive list of the most common reasons an affiliate application is denied.

20 Things You Need To Do To Prepare For The 2010 Christmas Season
Q4 is often the most important time of year for an affiliate program, and being prepared for it can mean the difference between success and failure.  Although Q4 is gone, the items we lay out here are valid for any quarter and a great exercise in planning for your affiliate program. Affiliate Program Now Live
We love launching new programs.  If you aren’t promoting, you should be today!

Now Hiring
We grew quite a bit in 2010, so it only makes sense that our announcements got some readers!

MyAffiliateCoach Coaching and Mentoring Program Launches
We added a very exciting service to our product offering this year in MyAffiliateCoach.  We have had many advertisers/merchants approach us and inquire about a training and coaching program for their staff.  We took the first half of the year to mold the JEBCommerce Affiliate Management System into a 12 week coaching program and were very excited to let the world know it’s now available!

Changing the Commission Rate of Your Affiliate Program
Often times affiliate managers need to alter the commission rate given to their affiliates.  Too often, mistakes are made, relationships broken and it all goes down very badly.  We outline what you should be doing if you ever need to go down that road.

When To Expect A Positive ROI From Your Affiliate Program?
Many clients ask us when they will see positive returns from their affiliate program.  It’s really not a launch, set it and forget it type of activity, and in this blog post we outline what we feel, from 12 years of experience managing over 50 programs, are realistic.

Your Follow Up May Be Killing Your Affiliate Program
I will be speaking at the upcoming Affiliate Summit about great relationships with affiliates.  I can’t wait to join my co-panelists next Tuesday.  This blog talks about many of the same things and really highlights the fact that if you are an affiliate manager and you have horrible follow up, you may be killing your program.

Well, there you have it.  Our most popular blog posts from 2010.  We look forward to another great year providing good content for our readers.  If you’d like us to write about any particular subject, please let us know!

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