Trask affiliate program now managed by JEBCommerce

JEBCommerce are Thrilled to Announce We are Managing the Trask Affiliate Program

What Makes Trask Special?

It all starts with the story of a man who followed a river and found his dream. The story is not just the story of one man, but the story of us, America.

Trask questions the way it has always been done, asking what if and why not? They choose the higher road, leading the way, and making a mark. It may not be the fastest or easiest way, but it is certainly worth the extra effort. Trask makes choices not simply on what looks good, but what feels right, because like other things worth working for they don’t get old, they get better.

Trask is committed to making timeless style, beyond trends, resistant to fads, and an icon that earned its reputation one step at a time. They create men’s and women’s leather goods, shoes, and more. They search beyond the plains for leathers and materials that meet their rigorous standards, leading them to some offbeat places around the globe. Each piece from Trask is crafted from hand-selected hides, giving each piece different properties because each leather is unique.  From Bison to Elk, Trask works with each hide to enhance their unique beauty through their time-honored production process.

Now they are offering their commitment to quality, standards, and products to Affiliates. They are partnering with people who know that sometimes the things worth the extra effort come from leading and not following. Affiliates can now join in this journey to bring items to their audience that they will count on, long after others are relegated to the backs of their closets.

The Trask affiliate program is managed on ShareASale.

If you’re interested in learning more about the program, we encourage you to email us and you’ll get a personal response directly from the Saatva management team!

“Having the chance to partner with Trask – a brand so committed to quality, craftsmanship, and authentic products – is beyond exciting and we cannot wait to bring their products to affiliates.”

– Taylor Weibert, Assistant Affiliate Manager