JEBCommerce is excited to announce we are now managing the Zenhaven Affiliate Program!

About Zenhaven

Sleep is one of the best things for your health, why not sleep the way nature intended? With Zenhaven, customers can sleep on a 100% pure Talalay latex mattress, delivered with free white glove delivery.

JEBCommerce is excited to be managing the Zenhaven Affiliate program. Zenhaven mattresses are made with a natural latex that is naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. The mattresses being made out of all-natural latex, they are free of toxins and chemical odors common in synthetic bedding foams. The latex is wrapped in 100% organic New Zealand wool to keep the layer from shifting and covered by an organic cotton cover. Talalay latex cells are larger and allow for greater airflow resulting in a breathable mattress, providing a cooler night’s rest. Talalay latex is made using a specialized process that utilizes a vacuum and flash freezing to provide customers with a more elastic, “springier” material, giving a more comfortable and more luxurious feeling. Best of all, you get two levels of firmness in one mattress! One side provides luxury plush conforming and supporting your body effortlessly, while the other side is gentle firm providing a slightly firmer feel with pressure-free support.

Affiliates are now able to promote a mattress that they can stand behind as being a great all in one product for any customer looking for a natural mattress.

“Most mattresses that you buy online you have to select your level of firmness, but we are so excited to help bring to market a mattress that affiliates, and customers, know will work for them whatever preference they have.”

– Zenhaven

Interested in learning more? Contact to learn more about the Zenhaven Affiliate Program or visit our Affiliate Management Page to learn more about the services JEBCommerce offers.

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