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iplayerhd-logoFrom time to time, we have the good fortune to work with companies that really go above and beyond to help us become successful.  These outstanding companies remind us, and drive home the need for our agency to provide the best possible customer service to our clients and affiliates, and Wes Moore at iPlayerHD is just one of these companies.

When we were finishing up the 12 week curriculum for our affiliate manager training program, MyAffiliateCoach, we were using MotionBox to serve all our videos.  Each module has an intro video and many have bonus videos and other video educational elements to it.  We had spent months putting it together and, at the time, were very happy with MB’s service.

Then, just as we were about to announce the launch of this service, MotionBox was acquired by Snapfish and let us know we had ten days to move our videos and that our account “may not be available” after a certain date.  As you can imagine, that sent us scrambling as we were planning on using this service for the duration and now had to find something completely new.

wesm_croppedIn walks Wes Moore, founder of iPlayerHD.  I believe that Wes contacted me through a twitter post, or possibly a frantic email to his help email.  What transpired after our initial call was nothing short of the best customer service experience we have had in a long time.  Wes spent a significant amount of time in the following two weeks to not only make sure that we understood how to use iPlayerHD in our MyAffiliateCoach program, but also that all the videos (about 28 in all) were encoded, embedded and ready to go for our launch on August 1st.

Wes actually encoded the first 15 videos for us, loaded them in iPlayerHD and sent me the embed code for each one.  What I thought would have taken me two weeks, and pushed back the launch another month, took only four days.  Wes’s help and instruction was vital for us launching when we did.

Not only did he help get this done, he helped get this done while I was out on vacation.  I know this is a bit of a cliche’, but he really went the extra mile and I really appreciated the help.

The product itself is pretty awesome.  We use it in our blog announcement and our presslift announcement as well as each module and bonus modules.  It’s a great way to serve video, pretty much anywhere.  Great product Wes!

I asked Wes to tell us a little more about his product for this post:

“Over the years, I have launched many companies and among those companies,  iPlayerHD is my clear favorite. When asked why, my answer is simple: iPlayerHD has made a complex problem simple and an expensive solution inexpensive. Using iPlayerHD’s video hosting platform, any business or organization can easily and affordably deliver high definition videos to their audience in an ad-free environment ensuring their message is the focal point of the viewing experience.”

When someone makes an impact on us, goes above and beyond and really strives to help us be successful, I like to tell people about it.  Wes, you did an awesome job and we can’t thank you enough.  You turned a stressful situation into one that ended up working better than we had imagined.  Thank you!

If you are looking for a video hosting and serving solution, please check out iPlayerHD and let Wes know that JEBCommerce sent ya.

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