Part 6 – Why Should I Hire an Affiliate Management Agency – an OPM?

In our ongoing series on hiring an OPM, today let’s discuss core competencies.  Your core competencies to be precise.  Your organization, department or organization is set up with a certain skillset, culture and talent pool.  Those things help create your core competencies.  They may not be set up for the high level of outreach, flexible negotiations and other aspects of affiliate management.  And ya know what, that is ok :).

And that is where an agency fits in.  Our core competency is affiliate management.  An agency frees you up to continue focusing on yours, while ensuring that your affiliate program continues to grow by having a solid, experienced and high performance team manage it from within an organization that is optimized for that exact activity.

Freeing you up to focus on the items you are good at, set up for and excel in is another great reason to hire and outsourced program manager.




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