Part 8 – Why work with an OPM? – Well, it's simply worth the money.

We’ve discussed reach and exposure, collaboration and economies of scale.  We’ve talked about productivity, quality and flexibility.  All leading up to today’s, and our final, post in the series.  Is it worth it financially?

It really comes down to that doesn’t it? Will this be profitable? What have others experienced? Will this add to my bottom line, or take away from it?  If I engage with an agency, if I engage with JEBCommerce, will the sales generated through this relationship eclipse, surpass and extend beyond the cost of the relationship?

Simply put, yes, it is worth the money, and you may find yourself asking, is it worth me not working with JEBCommerce after you see the slides below.  The increased spend to get the right team on your account leads to significant lift in sales and exposure for your company.  While the blended costs continue to decline, as a percentage, of the revenue produced.  Combine that with the increase in marketshare, and consumer mind share, by acquiring new customers through this channel, and you’ll find that its very profitable to work with an agency like JEBCommerce.

Recently we finished our 2011 analysis for all our clients.  I thought it would be more illustrative to simply show you excerpts of several of those reports.  So… here we go (with private information redacted to protect the innocent 😉 ):

This annual review showcased a program that we launched in 2010.  If you look at the gap between the black and purple lines (our main network and all networks total for 2011) compared to the blue and green lines (2010) you’ll notice a huge increase in performance each and every month year over year.  As you can see, with this client, we are looking at $80,000 increases in certain months YoY.  Huge growth and definitely worth the expenditure of a team like JEBCommerce.



The line you want to watch on this year over year is the Blue line (2011). This program we have been managing for several years.  The red line (2009) was their performance before we took it over.  That gap is now at over $60,000 increase each and every month.  One thing to note, this is only one of the programs we manage for this client, and it is their smaller one.  We have realized the same growth, equating to over a million dollars of increase a year after we took over management.  Definitely a profitable proposition.



Here is one of our small business, or b2b, clients.  You’ll see significant growth both month over month and year over year.  The program continues to grow in 2012 at an even higher rate.  Through proper management by an active and aggressive team, cutting edge strategies and a focus on fundamental affiliate management best practices, JEBCommerce has been able to show this type of growth over all our clients’ programs for many years.  It’s definitely worth it.



Here is one final slide.  This program kept growing, in spite of a huge commission change that needed to be made mid stream in 2010.  Even though affiliates had a lower payout structure, we were able to keep them motivated and keep sales increasing, significantly above ours and our client’s expectations.

I hope we were able to answer your questions regarding OPM’s and more specifically JEBCommerce.  If you have any questions, please email jamie AT or Jon AT

And hey, don’t just take my word for it, here is what others have said about us:


We work with JEBCommerce for several reasons. They’re innovative. They educate us by explaining what needs to be done & why. They’re highly experienced. And finally, they’re flexible, knowledgeable about our business, and willing to work with us to maximize results for our company.

Ned Farra

JEBCommerce has been great to work with! Our Account Manager is in contact with us on a regular basis with updates, suggestions and feedback. And while it’s only been a short time since working together, we’ve already seen our program grow. We know that our brand is in good hands.

Tanja Zelko
Roots Canada

From day one, JEBCommerce was all about getting things done. Under their stewardship, our affiliate program thrived. They are never stingy with knowledge, and are unafraid to give you expert advice everywhere you need it.

Bryan Simonson

They’ve recruited lots of productive new affiliates, helped us discover and fix a tracking problem that was hurting our program, and provided several ideas for improving our affiliate program and our site. The stellar communication and transparency from JEB makes it easy to know exactly what they’re doing for me and helps us see how we can work together to constantly grow and improve. But at the end of the day, it really comes down to the numbers and JEB has excelled there as well. In the first four months they nearly quadrupled our affiliate sales and we still think there’s plenty of room to grow. I would highly recommend JEB Commerce to anyone who’s looking for help with their affiliate program.

Clark Winegar
Director of Marketing

We had JEBCommerce do a complete affiliate audit for us. They did a fantastic job digging into areas and making recommendations based on their findings. We are constantly improving our program based on their review. I keep it pinned on my wall because I can always look back and find things that need attention or improvement.

Chris Rocha
Harry & David

We were very impressed with the thoroughness of JEB Commerce’s audit. They left no stone unturned, and handed us a number of new opportunities.

Jason Bernloehr
E-Commerce Mgr
Rockler Woodworking

Jamie and his team possess industry insights that are rare among online marketing professionals. They have found a productive balance between staying on top of relevant new technologies and utilizing the lore that they’ve accumulated since the beginning of the web. These insights allowed JEBCommerce to provide us with a thorough, comprehensive program audit that resulted in solid growth strategies with proven results. I rely on Jamie for second-to-none industry expertise, knowing that he and his team have the creativity and diligence necessary to put together an actionable roadmap.

Andy Newlin
Director of eCommerce
Sierra Trading Post