Season 01 / Episode 033

One Important Question to Ask as an Affiliate Manager with Matt McWilliams the Affiliate Guy

With Matt McWilliams - President, Matt McWilliams Consulting

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FTC Compliance, the 3 C’s, an Affiliate Donut and more with today’s guest, and the man I was second or third runner up to for affiliate manager of the year, Matt McWilliams!  I was super excited about this recording as Matt has tremendous success in the affiliate world and I’ve personally learned a ton from him.  

Matt is the principal of Matt McWilliams Consulting where he helps people turn their passion into profits through affiliate marketing.  He is well versed in recruiting, developing, optimizing, coaching and training affiliates to drive revenue and serve their audience.

Today we talk about:

  • The 3C’s of affiliate management – Contests, Communication and Coaching.
  • The Affiliate Donut
  • Serving your audience first
  • Using affiliate programs as a springboard to launching your own products
  • And more

Matt really drove home in the first half how important it is to ask yourself, as an affiliate manager or advertiser, “If I were an affiliate, what would I want.”.  Hammering home the idea that this is about relationships and a good solid one keeps both parties’ best interests at heart.

You’ll enjoy this podcast for many reasons and you’ll get a lot of actionable items out of it.  So give it a listen.

And if you’d like to get in touch with Matt or get more help, please go to or

Thank you Matt!

And don’t forget our free resource – The Incremental Benchmarking Tool.  If you are unsure if your program is set up to drive incremental revenue, then you need to walk through this tool.  Takes about 11 minutes and provides you with a detailed list of the things you are doing well and the opportunities you have to make it better.  

About Our Guest


Matt McWilliams


Matt owns and operates Matt McWilliams consulting helping organizations use affiliate marketing successfully.



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