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About Me

At heart I’m a father, a teacher, and an entrepreneur. I am also an affiliate manager and the founder and CEO of JEBCommerce, LLC. I started in the online marketing arena in 1999, working as a search engine guru for a dot com in the resort town of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. I worked my way up to managing a multi-million dollar affiliate program and search campaigns for Coldwater Creek, a top five national women’s apparel retailer, growing the affiliate channel from several thousand dollars a month to $35 million a year. As a manager for the SEO and SEM campaigns, I also pioneered performance-based relationships outside of affiliate network, negotiating long term profitable relationships inside and outside of the affiliate channel. In 2004, I founded JEBCommerce, using these proven processes to build a large client base.

In addition to JEBCommerce, I own and operate two other organizations. The first is ChloeWorks, a software development start up focused on bringing the software we have created and use every day at JEBCommerce to the market.

The second is something entirely different, Renewed Horizons, a local service agency providing assistants, education and activities to adults with developmental disabilities as well as in home residential assistance.

All of these organizations allow me to do what I love the most, mentor, coach and employee development.

Favored Topics

Affiliate Marketing. I’ve been working in the digital marketing space for 20 years with a focus in affiliate marketing. If you need a speaker on this topic, or any topics within affiliate marketing, I’m your guy. The things I enjoy speaking about most are how to sell affiliate marketing internally in your organization, how to wrap influencer marketing into your affiliate program, using technology resources to ensure you are paying for incremental sales, and running a profitable affiliate program within a mutli channel world, attribution specifically.

Employee Development. Do you know your “Why”? I know mine and it is work mentor, coach and develop my employees to be better versions of themselves professionally and personally. And it’s working. In 2017 we were recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the best Company Cultures in the US. I love to talk about how you can create an amazing company culture and empower your employees to be amazing, self aware and instigators in their own professional development.

Systems and Processes. I’ve built several companies and each is founded on comprehensive and thorough processes and systems. In fact, ChloeWorks main software product is designed to help companies become and stay process oriented and track those processes over time. Moving to a system based organization is 100% completely necessary to scale. I thoroughly enjoy helping entrepreneurs move from success to significance and how they can use processes to do that.

Building a successful company takes more than one channel. Many business are basing their success on a single sales channel, Amazon, Ebay etc. For that audience I can clearly demonstrate and walk them through ways in which they can build a sustainable and profitable direct revenue channel. As a friend of mine shared with his mastermind group recently, a successful brand isn’t built on one channel. I can share how you can incorporate Affiliate Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Paid Search, Social and community building into your direct business.

Speaking Events

Anyone that knows me knows I am passionate about what I do. My passion comes through most during my presentations. I have presented to groups big and small about Affiliate Marketing as well as how this industry is evolving.



Not Your Grandpa’s Affiliate Marketing

If all you know about Affiliate Marketing is its bad reputation, it’s time to look again. Early versions of Affiliate marketing were a playground for fraud, but modern Affiliate Marketing technologies have eliminated these issues and turned Affiliate Marketing into a full commission lead and sales generation machine.


Affiliate Buzz Podcast

Affiliate Buzz is the longest running podcast dedicated to the affiliate marketing industry. Hosts James and Arlene Martell help affiliate marketers learn the ins and outs of making money with affiliate programs. During this interview, I talked about how I got my start with affiliate marketing. We also discussed where the industry is heading.


This is Affiliate Marketing with Shawn Collins

This is Affiliate Marketing with Shawn Collins is focused on the people behind the affiliate management/OPM companies, advertisers/merchants, affiliates/publishers, and affiliate networks. During this episode, we discussed a variety of topics. A few of the topics mentioned are regarding Renewed Horizons (another business I currently own), How I achieve a zero inbox and what my favorite quote is.


Rise of the Entrepreneur

Zac Johnson is a online marketer with 15 years of experience and also a blogger at BloggingTips.com and ZacJohnson.com, as well as the author of Blogging Tips: Confessions of a Six Figure Blogger on Amazon.com. He is a big believer in the power of the individual entrepreneur. In this episode of the podcast, Zac interviews Jamie and shares his story of success and how he got to where he is today.


Millionaire Interviews

Jamie talks with Austin Peek about running a company, being an entrepreneur, hiring friends, firing friends, the importance of financial literacy and many other topics around owning, operating and managing companies.




At CJU 2016 I had the distinct pleasure of speaking at Commission Junction’s annual conference for the affiliate industry, CJU. I was honored to be invited to share what I think is the biggest problem our industry faces and has faced for more than a decade – selling the channel to those outside the channel.


Affiliate Summit East 2017

I had the privilege of moderating a panel titled “Technology Will Save Us from All Our Affiliate Ills,” during Affiliate Summit East 2017. The panelists included Scott Chaplin of AvantLink, Todd Crawford of Impact Radius, Michael Jones of Pepperjam, Brian Littleton of ShareASale and Earnie St. Gelais of Leadfeeder. The presentation focused on affiliate marketing features available from each of the panelists’ platforms, how these technologies are used, and critical considerations merchants must recognize when deciding which tools to utilize and how to correctly apply them.



Affiliate Marketing Schemes an Unfortunate By-Product of a Lucrative Option for B2B Companies


Affiliate marketing’s biggest bugaboo, and how to tame it


Fixing Your Performance Marketing Leaks


Front & Center: Jamie Birch invests in people to make his e-commerce business successful


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“Jamie was amazing. He was well received by everyone and provided a funny and thoughtful message that was perfect for our audience. Jamie was efficient, professional and fun to work with as a speaker.”

Sandrine Thompson, Strategic Insights Director at CJ

“I have worked with Jamie Birch for many years when I was Director with LinkShare. Jaime was a great person to work with, always upbeat, always dedicated, and hardworking. He was very attentive to the needs of advertisers who required assistance or information. Jamie never shies away from a challenge, and instead welcomes new information or technology. He can easily transition into the needs of a company, taking initiative when necessary, but listening and absorbing everything around him as well. He has great communication skills, very intelligent, and a team player. Having Jamie Birch on any organization’s team would be an asset to that company. He aims to achieve success not only for himself, but also for the organization.”

Yitzamery Mendez, Director of Performance Marketing at Converseon

“Jamie has been a terrific speaker for us at eComXpo, the virtual tradeshow for eCommerce marketers. We can’t wait to have him back for our next show.”

Allison Clark, PR Consultant at Ink Tank

“Jamie is a true professional in every sense of the word. His skills, talents and experience in Affiliate Management are at the very top of this industry.”

Todd Farmer, Affiliate Marketing Consultant & Internet Marketing Strategy Specialist