Client Win – JEBCommerce

Strategic recruiting generated 9% of total channel revenue in 2 weeks

A niche client wanted to focus on new affiliates to help increase site traffic. During our client performance analysis, we identified strong performing publishers missing from the program. Tapping into our established partnerships, we were able to quickly recruit and integrate a large-audience publisher into the program.

The results were amazing! In just two weeks that publisher drove 9% of total channel revenue, netting a 5 figure lift for our client.

We were able to achieve this rapid revenue growth by:

  • quickly identifying opportunities
  • relying on our strong partner relationships
  • offering a competitive baseline commission
  • negotiating savings on CPA increases and flat fees

When you hire an agency to manage your affiliate program, you’re hiring the relationships, knowledge, and expertise that can get you to your goals quicker.

If you are having trouble optimizing your affiliate relationships or identifying partners you should be working with that increase revenue through the affiliate channel, contact us at or schedule time to discuss your needs with us. We’d love to help!

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