Tech brand sees a $55k day from a strong Best of Web placement

If you work in the affiliate space, you know that every so often a unicorn comes along where you see the perfect sale, on the perfect day, aligned with a well timed placement. That’s what the JEBCommerce team was able to accomplish for one of our tech accessory brands this September.

When the brand announced a sale, our team sprung into action and made sure the sale was posted on all top affiliates. Additionally, they reached out to the account manager at Slickdeals and because of the sale strength were able to get the offer organically posted to the front page. Consumer up-votes did the rest, and Slickdeals drove over $23k in one day!

Due to the successful campaign by the affiliate team, this client actually sold out of the sale products featured in this campaign! The channel drove over $55k in sales in one day, with a lift in sale performance following for several days after the sale. This was a record day for the client in question. The client worked closely with us to create a strategy, and our team was able to push this sale in front of the right publishers for … a unicorn day!

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