"What is JEBCommerce Reading – May 10, 2012?"


Over the last few days, all of us here at JEBCommerce have bounced around the topic of what the general public really knows about Affiliate Marketing and how valuable it can be to a company.  It seems that people generally consider Affiliate Marketing either a source of spam on the internet or they just don’t have a clue.  Ironic it seems, since, affiliate marketing is the fastest growing industry on the internet. For those of you out there that don’t know, in a nutshell, affiliate marketing is a performance based profession in which the marketer is rewarded by the businesses for driving in visitors/ buyers to the different business’ websites.

Successful affiliate marketing programs consist of long term, mutually beneficial collaboration between the affiliates or the owners of the websites and the businesses that choose to advertise on those websites. At JEBCommerce we recognize the importance of that collaboration and work hard to offer that relationship through our agency with the unique and innovate services we offer our clients.  As we described on our website, ‘two qualities that always get noticed is our ability to provide clients the freedom to execute their entire online marketing plans and the assurance that they have the most qualified team in the industry managing every aspect of their affiliate marketing campaigns.’

Each day, we are creating amazing things for our clients and are thrilled to be apart of this exciting industry.  And now, please join us for our latest installment of ‘What is JEBCommerce Reading?’

Brian Secrist:  ‘Singtel’s Amobee Buys AdJitsu To Take Mobile Ads Into The Third Dimension’

Danielle Dougherty:  ‘The Man Who Makes the Furture: Wired Icon Marc Anderson

Geoff Marshall:  ‘A Relevant Tale:  How Google Killed Inktomi’

Jamie Tapia:  ‘Oracle wins on infringement; jury stuck on Google’s fair use argument’

Jen Dorman:  ‘Bill would make Facebook snooping, digital spying by employers illegal’

Jon Goodwin:  ‘Russia Is Sending Troops To The US To Learn American Military Tactics’

Maryellen Garasky:   ‘What a 9-Year Old Can Teach You About Selling

Shannon Simmons:  ‘Driverless cars approved by Nevada’

Please share with us your thoughts, ideas and comments….


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