Back in 2012 we created an infographic that attempted to show the full size of the affiliate marketing industry. It ended up being our most viewed and shared blog post! Since then we’ve had many requests to update this infographic. After lots of research, reading, and even some industry interviews, we were able to identify lots of great data to help you see just how big the affiliate industry is.

Affiliate marketing is a large, dynamic, and global digital marketing force to be reckoned with. Below you’ll see info that describes the overall size and even specific real-life affiliate examples. We’ve also included links to all the reports and sources referenced. While it isn’t 100% comprehensive, it should give you a good idea of what this industry is like, its size, and some of the players in it. As more information becomes available we will update this information and maybe even add a few sections to it. But make no mistake, if you aren’t engaging in affiliate marketing, you’re truly missing out on a huge new customer source.

If there are any reports or research that we missed please let us know. We’d love to update this with whatever you find.

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