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Affiliate Channel Incremental Sales Strategy - JEBCommerce

Affiliate Channel Incremental Sales Strategy

Without a solid strategy to drive INCREMENTAL sales through your affiliate channel, you'll fail. Learn more in our article.

Where to Find Affiliate Marketers for Your Product

Finding and recruiting new affiliates to your affiliate program is a vital activity for growth. Check out these 11 ways to identify potential affiliates.

How to Find Super Affiliates that Skyrocket Revenue

Super affiliates can skyrocket your revenue quickly. In this guide we outline what they are and how to find them to get them producing in your affiliate program.
Affiliate Program Management: How to Manage Affiliates like a Pro - JEBCommerce

Affiliate Program Management: How to Manage Affiliates like a Pro

Successful affiliate programs that are vibrant, growing, and profitable don’t happen by accident. Gone are the days where Marketers would throw money at a campaign and cross their fingers that it will pay off. Today, there is far too much at stake. Affiliate program management takes a comprehensive strategy to drive profitable incremental revenue. Hitting […]

64% YoY Growth for a Subscription Merchant Attributed to Merchandising Efforts, Without Additional Spend

JEB Affiliate team leverages optimization tactics by focusing on merchandising and content publishers to drive 64% YoY growth and 44% increase in Average Order Value.

Publisher Diversification leads to 161% YoY Conversion Rate Increase for a Subscription Based Merchant

Content placements with mass media publishers Business Insider and Thrillist continue to drive traffic for KelbyOne. Targeted placements lead to higher converting traffic.

5 Must-Take Actions For Affiliate Success In The New Normal – Webinar

5 Must-Take Actions for Affiliate Success in the new Normal - An affiliate marketing webinar from PerformanceIn, JEBCommerce and Partnerize.

What is the CCPA and how does it impact me?

If you are still unclear on what the CCPA is and whether or not your business will be impacted, then make sure to read this post to learn how to be prepared for the future.

Expert Tips to Increase Sales in 2020

Top Tips from Affiliate Marketing Leaders I am sure you have asked yourself or have been asked this question more than once this year  – How do we increase sales in 2020? To answer this question, we asked industry leaders in the affiliate marketing channel how they plan to increase sales amidst ongoing changes. These […]

Affiliate Marketing Guide to Profitability: ROI and Commission Rates

Affiliate marketing is built for profitability. It is performance based as the advertiser pays the affiliate a commission only once a sale has been made. So you are never paying for “potential sales” or impressions. One of the reasons CMO’s love the affiliate channel is because of this high return on investment (ROI.) JEBCommerce wrote […]