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Performance Marketing Glossary – a Free Resource From The PMA

Performance Marketing Glossary – a Free Resource From The PMA

Check out The PMA's (Performance Marketing Association) handy glossary of 300+ affiliate marketing definitions, acronyms, and abbreviations. Free!
Why Aren't They Accepting My Affiliate Program Application - JEBCommerce

Why Aren’t They Accepting My Affiliate Program Application? (2019 edition)

If you are an affiliate that seems to receive more denials than approvals when you apply to affiliate programs, this article will help you understand why as well as a few tips on how to get approved for more programs.
Affiliate Nexus Tax Laws in 2019 - JEBCommerce

Affiliate Nexus Tax Laws 2019 – Keeping Your Affiliates in Current Tax Climate

It is imperative to stay up to date on the ever-changing nexus tax laws. Find out how the recent changes may impact your business in 2019 and beyond in an updated post on our blog from our Director of Affiliate Marketing, Stephen Robinson.

Affiliate Nexus Tax Laws II – How to Keep Your Affiliates

The reason I have written a SECOND post about this topic, is because most affiliate programs are not addressing this potentially ruinous issue. Here are a few ways that you could potentially keep working with affiliates in states with nexus tax laws.

Omni-Channel Marketing – How Do Affiliates Fit?

The internet and various technologies have created an all-encompassing omni-channel, where consumers can find what they are looking to purchase in a brick & mortar location, via internet connected devices like the phone, laptop, tablet, desktop, and even smart watches! How does this affect your marketing efforts and where do affiliates fit?

Proper Affiliate Distribution is Like Weight Lifting

There are tons of affiliates out there, so getting the right publishers in the program will be instrumental in the success of the channel, similar to lifting weights properly.

How to best utilize affiliate/vendor partners – A total Ecommerce perspective

I was speaking with an advertiser the other day, and they asked about how non-traditional affiliates fit within the affiliate program. It’s a great question, and one that we get often. The reason it’s a great question is that often there is an untapped segment of affiliates who can help with more than just driving […]

Affiliate Nexus Tax Laws – "The Monster Lurking Under the Bed"

You have likely heard about the Nexus tax laws (or Amazon tax) that seem to be cropping up every month..

Affiliate programs are like big wheels

You just brought your new baby home from the hospital. You’re freaked out a little, but at the same time so excited and can’t imagine life before that day. You feed your new baby, change its stinky diapers, and hold it while it falls asleep every night. Determined effort over countless nights with little to […]

All I care about is content publishers, the rest are junk!

I hear this every once in a while, and it always surprises me. While I cannot discount the benefit of content affiliates, there is some much more valuable ocean out there! The statement often comes from an emotional place. The “Coupon” sites, and even many loyalty publishers often are associated with some sort of negative […]