Proper Affiliate Distribution is Like Weight Lifting

Who doesn’t enjoy waking up before dawn, and getting their fitness on right?  Well I do! I thoroughly enjoy waking up super early, getting my lifting or cardio on, whether that’s climbing 100+ floors of stairs or simply pushing some good old fashion weight, I love being in the gym and working on building a healthier life, before I head to work.  It sets the tone in my day, and gives me the right energy to get my morning started at work; on top of that I don’t have to worry about working out after work, and I can spend that time with my family, so it’s a win-win for me.  There are so many things that are involved when you’re at the gym trying to create the physique you want.  Do I work out back and legs at the same time, should I superset, dropset, am I hitting a plateau, or do I want this week to be a power week or just focus on high reps? It’s all good, but you can get somewhat lost if you don’t have the right fitness strategy to accomplish what you want your body to look or feel like.

So you must figure out what you want your body to transform into.  Very similar in having the right affiliate distribution in a program.  There are tons of affiliates out there, so getting the right publishers in the program will be instrumental in the success of the channel.  Very similar to weight lifting, you gotta have the right mixture of cardio, and anaerobic workouts in place, (check out my last blog Your Affiliate Program Blend is Like Smoking a Brisket) and then work on having the right publishers to help achieve your goal.

There’s so many different workouts, routines, weights, machines, etc, that you need to consider, when building the body you want. Do you want to be a power lifter?  Then you’ll need to focus on more compound movements such as a squat, deadlifts, cleans and bench.  If you want to tone up, then you may want to focus on higher reps vs lower reps on workouts. Getting the right affiliate distribution is vital to the success of the affiliate program, very similar to utilizing the right workout equipment to build better arms, chest, etc.

There’s a couple of strategies involved in establishing an affiliate program.  ROI centric and customer acquisition (new-to-file or NTF) are 2 types of strategies in an affiliate program.  ROI centric programs require a well diverse affiliate blend vs more NTF blend, which require specific affiliates that are proven to drive a high percentage of new-to-file. Coupon publishers are sites that assist in acquiring new customers, and loyalty affiliates can drive new customers, but their percentage is much lower than coupon affiliates, because these publishers behave more in the sense of customer retention.  Then you have your niche/content publishers who provide value in the affiliate channel in a hybrid role of acquiring new customers and client retention.  They also provide great branding awareness in the affiliate program by writing reviews.  Also, you have other complimentary segments, such as: sub-affiliate networks, social media, mobile publishers, and search publishers that can contribute to your affiliate program as well.

Using the right workout equipment and routine will definitely transform your affiliate program in the way you want them to look, don’t forget the nutrition part of it, (that’s more than half the battle), but that’s a conversation for a different day.  Picking out the right weights, utilizing the right angles, sets, and reps will definitely build a quality program.  Just like building a workout routine you need to transform your publisher blend to align the right goal for you.