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Question of the day – Why are those promotions so short?

Today I received a great question from an affiliate.  They were asking us about the short duration of some of our consumer offers for one of our retail programs.  “Why are they so short, can’t we get longer ones?”.  That is a great question and one we here often and have been asked many times […]

Outstanding Customer Service – Thank you iPlayerHD

From time to time, we have the good fortune to work with companies that really go above and beyond to help us become successful.  These outstanding companies remind us, and drive home the need for our agency to provide the best possible customer service to our clients and affiliates, and Wes Moore at iPlayerHD is […]

Is it time to plan?

I was reading an article on this morning titled Penny’s billion-dollar bet.  Penny’s, one of the earliest adopters of ecommerce among large retail chains, has experienced flat sales the last few years.  They are now planning and investing in a new ecommerce platform to grow their online channel to over 2.5 Billion.  Yes that […]